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All The Questions You've Asked About Training Your Horse, Answered.

How many bad habits does your horse have?

Imagine knowing that today when you visit your horse, the whole time will be harmonious and FUN.  Wouldn't that be FABULOUS?

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The Kikkuli Method of Horse Training
Startling Modern Benefits from an Ancient Horse Training Method

Kikklui method kikkuli method kikkuli method



A 3000 year old fitness program for horses offers modern trainers the opportunity to save both time and money. The program was named after its creator, the Master Mitannian Horse Trainer Kikkuli, whose techniques helped establish a military empire about 1345 BC.

Performance horses and race horses as a whole continue to be trained by tired old conventional methods. Race times for horses have barely improved in the last few decades (unlike the great improvement in times for human athletes) and lameness disqualifies potentially outstanding endurance horses and eventers at the beginning of their careers.


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"Discover How Thousands Now
Train Their Horses Who Never
Thought They Could"

You can successfully train your horse to stop
dozens of bad habits and take complete control.
You can ride and work around your horse
without fear or embarrassment.

You don't have to second-guess or wonder how to to do it.  All the methods, secrets and techniques are disclosed in this course that enables you to turn your horse into a super-responsive animal that's a joy to ride and handle.

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"The Secret Science of Arabian Horse Training"

They are the very same secrets and techniques of Arab horse trainers used nearly two centuries ago... and still used today.

Secrets like...

  • How to get your horse doing almost anything   without resistance...

  • The amazing secret of getting your horse understanding exactly what you want him to do....

  • How long training sessions should last?

  • The secret of getting your horse to bond with you like super glue.

  • What's really happening in your horses mind when training him......

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"You Can Have a Beautifully Behaved Horse In a Fraction of the Time it Takes Others to Achieve Lesser Results!  

Discover the Amazing Horse Training Secrets of a Horse Trainer Who Travelled the Country Taking On All Challenges to Train "Unbreakable" Horses and Always Winning!"

These Are the "Tried and True" Amazingly Effective Horse Training Techniques Professional Horse Trainers Want to Keep a Secret!

Would you like to be able to take any horse and tame and train him in as little as 4-6 hours?  And do it gently using proven methods that work with a deep understanding of the horse and its natural instincts and urges?

Would you like to have the knowledge and ability to eliminate any bad habit a horse could throw at you?  I'm talking about balking, shying, kicking, biting, halter pulling - you name it!  

Maybe you've just got an untrained horse and you don't know where to start.  

Or maybe you've got a 'problem' horse with a bunch of bad habits you just can't shake and nothing seems to be working.  

Or maybe even you're a horse trainer looking for the edge over your competition...  

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